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I am an NSF postdoctoral fellow at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute in Columbus Ohio. From 2008-2012, I was a graduate student in the UCLA Department of Biomathematics (Department of Mathematical and Computational Biology), an applied mathematics program with emphasis on biological applications. I work primarily on inverse problems in statistical physics and imaging. I also work on modeling of neurophysiology using partial differential equations. My advisors were Tom Chou, KC Brennan, and Van Savage. Additionally, I previously had completed an MS in Statistics under the tutelage of Rick Schoenberg, and Jan de Leeuw.

Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Joshua C. Chang, K.C. Brennan, and Tom Chou. Tracking monotonically advancing boundaries on image sequences using graph cuts and recursive kernel shape priors, IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging 31(5): 1008-1020. [link] [preprint] [supplemental].
  2. Joshua C. Chang, Lydia L. Shook, Jonathan Biag, Elaine N. Nguyen, Arthur W. Toga, Andrew C. Charles, and Kevin C. Brennan. Biphasic direct current shift, haemoglobin desaturation and neurovas- cular uncoupling in cortical spreading depression, Brain (2010) 133(4): 996-1012. [link]
  3. Joshua C. Chang MS and Frederic P. Schoenberg ScB, PhD (2009) "A Statistical Analysis of Santa Barbara Ambulance Response in 2006: Performance Under Load", Western Journal of Emergency Medicine: Vol. 10: No. 1, Article 12. [link]

Submitted manuscripts

  1. Joshua C. Chang, K.C. Brennan, Dondong He, H. Huang, R.M. Miura, Phillip L. Wilson, J.J. Wylie. A mathematical model of the metabolic and perfusion effects on cortical spreading depression. Submitted to Biophysical Journal, July 2012. [arXiv preprint] [Siam 2012 Poster]
  2. Joshua C. Chang, and Tom Chou. Iterative graph cuts for image segmentation with a nonlinear statistical shape prior , Submitted to Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision. August 2012. [arXiv preprint]. [MBI IP meeting poster]


In addition to my faculty advisors listed above, I have the following collaborators:

Robert Miura, NJIT Mathematical Sciences
Huaxiong Huang, York University Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Jonathan Wylie, City U of Hong Kong, Department of Mathematics
Phil Wilson, University of Canterbury, Department of Mathematics


I have had the priviledge of engaging in intelligent conversation with my many fine collegues over the years. Some of these people include David Alexander, Forrest Crawford, Jennifer Tom, John Ranola, Moses Wilks, Mitchell Johnson, Gabriela Cybis, Connie Phong, Lydia Shook, Terence Tong.